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Bayview Asphalt is the leading asphalt manufacturer and paving contractor on the North Oregon Coast. With over 50 years of experience, we’re far and away the leaders of the pack.

About the Bayview Asphalt Team

Bayview Asphalt, Inc has provided asphalt paving and crushed rock products to the Northern Oregon Coast and surrounding communities for over 50 years. We are an award-winning member of the Asphalt Paving Association of Oregon and the Oregon Concrete and Aggregate Producer Association.

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Our Services

At Bayview, we work to provide real value to our customers. We don’t do just one thing. Our asphalt paving services extends from residential driveways and commercial parking lots all the way to airfields and major highways.

For when you want to do it yourself, we have asphalt available for purchase and heavy-duty trucks for rental. We’re proud to provide these services throughout the Washington and Oregon Coast.

Road Construction
Site Grading
Commercial Paving
Asphalt Saw Cutting
Residential Paving
Construction Truck Rental

We Put People First

It is true our expertise lies in asphalt paving but our passion is people. Our customers and employees are critical to our success and we strive to make each project on that our customer values.

Your Projects, Done Right

Our employees are highly trained and experienced to make sure your project is completed in a safe and professional manner. experienced to make sure your project is completed.