Bayview Bulk Hot Mix Asphalt Products

Bayview has been manufacturing high-quality asphalt for over 50 years. Come by our asphalt plant to purchase our premium hot mix asphalt by the ton for your next big paving project.

We have 3 classifications of asphalt for sale: Level 3 ACP, Level 2 ACP, Level 2 fine ACP.

High-Quality Asphalt Straight From Our Asphalt Plant

We not only use our high-quality hot mix asphalt for use in the projects we do throughout the Pacific Northwest, but we also supply many other big paving contractors in the region.The difference between a good asphalt paving project and a great one really comes down to the quality of asphalt used. We manufacture asphalt for long-lasting durability in the face of the elements.

Get a Free Estimate From Our Asphalt Experts

Coordinate with the Bayview team on the details of your project and we’ll provide you with exactly what you need to make it a success. Pickups can be made at our Gearhart plant or we have crews who can do the work for you.

Shoot us a message about your project by emailing us or filling out our contact form. We’ll be in touch soon with your estimate