Construction Truck Rental Services in Oregon & Washington

For your next big project, rent a truck from us. Rentals available for various construction trucks such as super solo dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, truck & pups and more.

If you are in need of one of our trucks, contact us and we’ll be in touch about a rental.

We Have the Right Trucks to Get the Job Done Right

When you have a big construction job to undertake, you need the right equipment to get it done quickly and efficiently. At Bayview, we have a variety of construction trucks available for rental for all your aggregate hauling needs.

Transfer Dump Trucks

Our transfer dump trucks can haul up to 30 tons of aggregate material (asphalt, gravel, sand, wood chips, etc.) per load. Maximizing payload and maneuverability in a dump truck, these are a great option for big jobs.

Super Solo Dump Trucks

Our super solos can haul up to 24 tons. Get that job done right with this more compact dump truck.

Truck & Pup Trailer Combos

These big haulers carry a payload of up to 30 tons. The pup trailer has the ability to self-unload with its own hydraulic ram, unlike the transfer trucks. When the trailer is unlatched, these can haul as a solo dump truck.