EZ Street Cold Patch Asphalt Products

For pothole repair, easy asphalt overlays, and other DIY asphalt projects, EZ Street Cold Patch Asphalt is the only way. Use it in any weather to patch or simply pave any spot year round.

Our EZ Street Product Selection

We sell EZ Street Asphalt in a number of sizes for projects of all sizes. For small DIY projects, grab our 35 or 50-pound bags for immediate use. Our bulk bags (500, 1,000, and 2,000-pound sizes) are available for medium to large projects. Finally, we sell it by the ton for government agencies and big contractors. No need for mixing. Just sweep up the area, dump it where you need, pack it down, and be finished. Simple!

50 lb / 22 kg Bags

For smaller DIY projects like potholes and driveway patches, the 50 lb bag is the perfect pick.

Pallets | 56 50 lb / 22 kg Bags

When you’ve got a larger job to do, you can pick up pallets of our 50-pounders.

One Ton Tote

Purchase in bulk by the ton to be prepared for those paving contract jobs.

Bulk | 12- or 15-ton Truckload

For the truly massive jobs, we sell by the truckload for quick transport right to where you need it.

Ordering Questions

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    What is EZ Street Cold Patch Asphalt?

    We proudly sell EZ Street Cold Patch Asphalt, the best performing mix in the industry. Use it in any weather for asphalt patching, pothole repair, overlays, trenches, utility cuts, edge repairs, and much more. It is a guaranteed permanent solution that can even be used in standing water. Once used, it is ready for traffic. No waiting! Don’t delay fixing those aggravating potholes. You’ll be in and out in no time with EZ Street. A great choice for public agencies, municipalities, professionals, contractors, and homeowners. State and local Departments of Transit across the country have approved EZ Street Cold Patch Asphalt for use.

    • Easy to use year-round
    • Works in water, and all weather conditions and temperatures
    • Environmentally safe and friendly
    • No mixing required, ready to place
    • Permanent
    • Lab tested and approved
    • Instantly ready for track after compaction
    • Material of choice for most contractors
    • Approved by State DOT’s (Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Nevada) and City DOTs (Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Yakima)
    • Available in bulk by the ton (1 & 2-ton bulk bags) and by the bag (35lb and 50lb plastic bags)
    • Guaranteed workability
    • Stockpiles for extended periods of time

    If you live, work, or play in the Pacific Northwest, you are well aware that the weather here is unpredictable. Although rain is not as prevalent as some may think, wet sub-grades and the constant threat of rain can make asphalt repair or concrete repair planning a nightmare.

    At Lakeside Industries, we recognize that when it comes to your bottom line, all projects are time sensitive. Therefore we’re taking weather out of the planning process. Lakeside is proud to offer EZ STREET Cold Asphalt. EZ STREET Cold Asphalt makes the potential for rain less threatening and wet conditions insignificant. From dry cold to freezing rain, EZ STREET cold asphalt works in all weather conditions and can be placed directly into water. Ensure your job is completed, no matter what the weather has in mind. Find your local Lakeside plant today to pick up your order of EZ Street cold mix.

    Anyone worth their weight in the asphalt business knows you can’t truck asphalt 50-100 miles and expect a quality product. Until now!

    The temperature restrictions of hot mix do not apply to EZ STREET asphalt. Made cold, shipped cold, and applied cold the chilling reality is that this asphalt is just as good as hot mix for most applications. In fact, most of our existing EZ STREET customers travel 50 miles or more to and from one of our 15 asphalt plant locations to acquire EZ STREET asphalt.

    That depends on your definition of tough? If you mean hard, probably not, however “hard” does not always equate to durable. Push concrete beyond its breaking point and it becomes a pile of rocks. EZ STREET asphalt bonds to all concrete and asphalt surfaces while remaining flexible enough to stay put without cracking.

    Seen tree roots growing out of a sidewalk lately? Replacing trip hazards caused by tree roots in concrete is both expensive and tedious. EZ STREET asphalt is ready to go right out of the bag. Man hole surrounds, catch basin lids, and storm drain covers can also be problematic when working with concrete. For those of us who have had the pleasure of adjusting the height of a manhole set in concrete, there is now a better mousetrap…EZ STREET asphalt’s flexible nature makes working in these tight areas easier. Height adjustments are quicker and more efficient without the need to remove and replace broken concrete.

    EZ STREET asphalt bridges the gap between hard and durable to become, well…..pretty darn tough. Are you ready for EZ STREET asphalt in your concrete repair applications?

    How many potholes can you patch in a single day?

    In a perfect world, the answer would be all of them! Budgets, high traffic counts, and weather can all put a damper on pothole repair productivity. At Lakeside Industries, we understand that to stay ahead of the game you have to keep moving. That’s precisely why we produce and use EZ STREET  asphalt, a true “throw and go” asphalt. From potholes to utility cuts, EZ STREET asphalt is a permanent asphalt repair and instantly ready for traffic. Do it right the first time. Sweep, fill, compact and never go back with EZ STREET permanent asphalt.

    Just throw EZ Street directly into the water filled hole. EZ Street will displace the water. Then, compact the EZ Street with a shovel or car tire. Leave a slight crown on the patch because it will compact a little more as traffic goes over it.

    EZ Street is guaranteed to stay workable in a stockpile for at least 6 months in a 50-ton pile stacked 6′ high. But we’ve had smaller stockpiles last over a year outside! If you leave the stockpile undisturbed for a long period of time, a protective crust may form over the pile. This is a built-in mechanism to prevent premature hardening of your stockpile. If this happens, simply have your loader “fluff up” the material prior to loading the truck. This will rejuvenate the EZ Street.

    The EZ Street bag is made of durable polyvinyl that helps prevent breakage-a first in the industry. The bag is resealable to keep unused product fresh and has a nylon rope handle to make carrying EZ Street even easier. EZ Street lasts for at least a year in the bag…even if it has been opened and resealed.

    EZ Street is ready for traffic the instant you throw it in the hole. In fact, many crews keep bags in their trucks so when they come across a pothole they can just throw it in the hole and let traffic compact it!

    EZ Street is custom blended by our licensees for the specific region’s climate. For example, our licensee in Oklahoma makes an open graded winter mix that stays workable in colder temperatures and a dense graded summer mix that performs better during the warmer months.

    EZ Street is a premium cold asphalt that costs more per ton than hot mix or conventional cold mix asphalt. However, EZ Street actually costs less once all factors are considered. For example, say you are filling potholes with hot mix, first you have to wait in line at the plant, then you have to saw-cut the edges, clean the hole, and apply tack coat. Then apply the messy hot mix, roll it, and wait hours before you can open that area to traffic. Don’t forget the wasted mix still left in the truck or the time it takes to clean it out. Conventional cold mix is a temporary repair. Not only are agencies paying to patch once, but with conventional cold mix, re-patching the same area is commonplace.

    Now imagine fixing potholes with EZ Street straight from a stockpile or a pallet of bags in your own yard ready for any job that comes up. Next, picture crews that accomplish twice as much because they do not have to do any of the prep work associated with hot asphalt. There is virtually no clean-up time, no wasted product, and no traffic interruption. EZ Street will even fix the holes filled with water, try that with hot mix or conventional cold mix. Best of all, the repair is guaranteed to be permanent.